A 20th Century Woman

Twentieth Century Woman

Ruby Ellen Scott, age 14 – June 3, 1934

Ruby Ellen Scott was born in the 19th year of the new 20th century. Her mother was born in the dwindling years of the 19th century. Why does that matter?

Because the 20th century would be one of the most evolutionary—especially in science, technology, and medicine—and young people born in that century would be more likely to embrace the latest ideas and technologies. People who lived on farms and were born in the 19th century would be more likely to adhere to the older ways of farming and cultivating.

Ruby Ellen Scott spent her childhood in the north-central Texas farmlands during the Great Depression. She knew and understood those ways, but she embraced the 20th-century improvements. She went out on her own as a teenager, eager to learn new things and find a better way to live her life.

She always remembered the antique dolls of her childhood. In her later life, she became a dollmaker and crafted exquisite reproductions of those beautiful dolls, along with their historically accurate clothing.

Ruby lived in five different states throughout her life. She met many new people she wouldn’t have known had she stayed in her childhood home. She attended Embassy parties in Washington, D.C., and met politicians and statesmen alike. She hosted parties of her own, and while they were in New York City, she welcomed their Albanian friends to share dinners she prepared from their recipes.

She lived a rich, full life, and her friends and family were proud of her accomplishments.